Westech recognizes the challenges facing corporations who are looking to recycle their used IT equipment in both an environmentally responsible and economical manner. We have been responsibly recycling since 1999 and our corporate clients select a wide range of services including:

Our recycling process located at 3055 E. Rose Garden Lane, Suite 170 is certified to the R2:2013 standard. R2TM Certified recyclers are audited by an independent third party that evaluates more than 50 areas of operational and environmental performance assuring adherence to the highest industry standards and best practices.

By choosing a certified electronic recycler, your equipment will be managed responsibly throughout the entire recycling chain. We ensure your data is sanitized in adherence to the most secure industry practices and comply with all laws pertaining to import/export of used electronics.

As part of R2 certification, we conduct due diligence of our downstream vendors especially those handling identified R2 hazardous materials (aka focus material).

Westech’s equipment processing is focused on the protection of the environment and the maximization of economic return within in accordance with our clients’ requirements. As an additional service, we can track and document the disposition of material received at our facility.

R2TM Certified is a trademark of SERI.