ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) regulations govern the access and export of US defense and military technology. While your company has rigorously applied these regulations in the development and release of new technology and products, these regulations also apply to your circuit board wastes, rejects, spares or obsolete boards. thus, managing the waste stream is just as important as managing usable products from an ITAR compliance viewpoint.

Therefore, it is important to seek out ITAR Registered companies, like Westech Recyclers, to manage and process your reject, waste, scrap or obsolete circuit boards. Westech Recyclers’ ITAR Recycling service means that your materials are securely restricted and properly destroyed per federal ITAR regulatory requirements.

  • Trust
    Nationwide service for the manufacturing industries to recycle electronics or circuit boards per ITAR regulations. Westech Recyclers is also R2:2013, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.
  • Business Partner
    Westech Recyclers will own the process on your behalf from your dock to final disposition of the electronics or waste board materials. Our employees are vetted US Persons just like your employees.
  • Environmental Compliance
    Compliant and fully meets federal and state environmental guidelines for electronics and circuit boards recycling.


“Westech Recyclers has helped me create an entirely new revenue stream for my company by purchasing my scrap circuit boards and related materials. Besides allowing me to get back some of my warehouse space, they did all the work. They loaded the materials, secured and weighed it, and then promptly paid the maximum value. It was easy and painless.”

Brian W. Inventory Control Manager at a PCB manufacturer


Westech secure ITAR process protects the intellectual property

Our ITAR Recycling Services

Westech Recyclers services includes the following:

Using our ITAR Recycling services means that we do all the work for you. You will know it will be done properly and, as it applies to your circuit boards, we meet the requirements by cutting and smelting your waste, obsolete, or scrap boards.

ITAR Regulations for USML


ITAR Requirements
ITAR regulations restrict and control the export of US defense and military technology. Thus, manufacturers and suppliers of technology, in the form of products or services, must abide by the requirements. At the core of the requirements are the list of items in the US Munitions List (USML), which the ITAR regulations apply.

When manufacturers of electronic hardware or products enlist Westech Recyclers to recycle their electronics, they know and can count on us to apply ITAR regulations on USML items. Thus, we remove the risk for them.