As a manufacturer, product changes are a way of life. With each product change is an accompanying increase in volume from development scrap, pre-production samples, production scrap, product returns and obsoleting electronic materials. The typical challenge is what to do with scrap circuit boards, circuit board frames, and all the production test samples. Another challenge is how to handle minimize the cost write-off.

Well, we can alleviate the worry of the scrap volume taking over your factory and turn the materials into revenue. Westech will own the responsibility to environmentally process all your scrap materials. In 2019, we processed over 12 million lbs of electronics from customers and manufacturers of all industries. Thus, we have the capacity, flexibility and financial health to address your needs.

Circuit board recycling for manufacturers and OEMs

Our operational capability and capacity allow us to be your one-stop recycling partner. In addition, Westech further fulfills your requirements as a one-stop recycling partner by offering the following:

Asset Sharing

With asset sharing, you can turn idle inventory, scrap electronics, or unwanted assets (like computers, monitors, servers) into real-time revenue. Westech’s fast processing will return value back you quickly and, with decommissioned assets like computers, we have the sales channels to return the maximum value to your business.


Lastly, when you need to process your materials per ITAR requirements, Westech Recyclers maintains the highest standards for security and performs ITAR recycling for the Department of Homeland Security, the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Department of Defense, other government agencies, or manufacturing companies that have materials on the USML.

Our ITAR Recycling service consists of trained personnel with security reviews, chain-of-custody logistics, operational controls, and experienced data destruction professionals.

When you are looking for a capable one-stop recycling partner, we are ready for you.  Contact us here.