Recycling electronics is the first step to a circular economy and protecting our planet for future generations. The next step is to reuse electronics and give them a second life. Reusing electronics is an important part of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle which is why Westech Recyclers has a local retail store.

At our local store, which is Resell Electronics, you will find:

  • Recycled electronics
  • Recycled cell phones
  • Used desktop computers
  • Used laptop computers.

Resell Electronics is located at 220 South 9th Street, Suite 400, Phoenix, AZ, directly across the east entrance of Chase Field Ballpark.

Also, everyone can customize computers from our vast selection of components and accessories like RAM memory, hard drive, printers, monitors, keyboards, and mice. These safe used items are ready to be used again.

When you buy recycled electronics, you are helping to preserve the energy and raw materials that went into making the item in the first place. It’s a small change and an easy way for everyone to support a sustainable and circular economy.