Electronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream and communities have continued or increased recycling events to address this issue. While these events are good, an additional change in the recycling mindset would have an even bigger effect. The change is to reuse or renew old electronics instead of doing the traditional way of recycling. This change of focus is the best choice environmentally.
A traditional recycler’s old way of thinking was not focused on computer equipment recycling instead it was only on dismantling electronics into basic parts. This wastes the energy and raw material content that had been spent in making the product. And then causes more material and energy to be used in a new product.
Westech is furthering our shift to reuse and renew with these actions:

  • Expanding our retail operation in our downtown location, 220 South 9th Street, Suite 400B
  • Larger eBay presence through our Resell Electronics storefront

Additionally, our Phoenix recycling center feeds products and materials directly into our local storefront. Avoiding out-of-state shipping is another way we can incrementally help the environment.
So when you get a new electronic product either at home or work, you should also think about giving your old electronics another life and allow it to be reused quickly. Don’t let it sit idle while there is a bigger audience that may want it.