Got a smartphone sitting in your drawer?

Got an old iPad collecting dust?

Got a pile of computers in the corner of a closet?

Most everyone leaves old electronics sitting in a dark corner because they are frozen in fear of someone stealing their data.

Well, use a professional recycler like Westech Recyclers and we will remove that fear. With Westech, we automatically perform a one-pass wipe on all hard drives and we do it at no charge. We do this because we treat your data like we treat our own since it is our reputation on the line too.

To destroy the data properly, we follow NIST standards ( National Institute of Standards and Technology) for secure data destruction. This is the organization that issues federal guidelines for data destruction.

Westech Recyclers' secure data destruction service

Per NIST 800-88 secure data destruction guidelines, there are three methods for destroying data and they are: 1) electronic data sanitization like wiping, 2) resetting devices to original factory default, or 3) physical destruction (e.g. shredding). Westech offers all three methods and additional options.

Beyond our base data destruction service, some customers and government agencies require additional processing due to their internal procedures.  If you require additional processing, our full selection of optional data destruction services include:

  • Three-pass wipe
  • Physical shredding with degaussing
  • Serialization record of hard drives
  • On-site hard drive shredding
  • On-premises secure collection bin.

Contact us to schedule a pickup service or a mobile, on-site shredding service.