Responsible Recycling

Westech provides recycling services for computers, electronic equipment, metals and plastics. Recycling is completed by disassembly of the components and then returning the metals, plastics, and other commodities back into the manufacturing stream. Westech recycles in accordance with all state and federal regulations.

Equipment Removal

If you have off-lease or surplus equipment occupying your valuable warehouse or office space and you would like it removed in a fast and efficient manner, Westech will take care of your asset removal and recycling needs. We understand that some businesses are not equipped with loading docks and don’t have the ability to shrink wrap and palletize their equipment. When needed, Westech will provide complete removal of the equipment directly from your facility.

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IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) &  Recovery

Maximize your asset recovery in a responsible and profitable way. Westech provides recovery services to any size business liquidating their surplus and off-lease equipment. If your organization is looking for a professional company to liquidate all of your surplus and obsolete computer and electronic equipment, Westech can help in many ways. Your electronic equipment will be evaluated by our technical staff. As you direct, it will be refurbished, disassembled into usable parts, or destroyed and recycled. Whether you are interested in an outright purchase, bid purchase, or an asset share/profit sharing, Westech will accommodate your needs.

Bankruptcy Asset Liquidation

Westech provides timely asset liquidations of all types of electronic equipment for economically distressed and bankrupt companies, including asset recovery payments to maximize returns.

Logistics Management Services

Westech provides reliable, timely, and environmentally secure service to businesses throughout the country. Westech has a large network of removal specialists and partners across the nation. We have our own trucks and contracts with some of the finest logistics companies to ensure timely removal of your electronic equipment. Wherever your excess equipment is located, Westech has removal teams in your area for expedited service.

Reuse and Donation

Westech emphasizes reuse of newer equipment through resales and donation to local charities and schools in order to keep the electronic equipment out of our landfills. Westech partners with several resellers and non-profits in this process.

Data Destruction

Westech provides different levels of data destruction based on customers’ direction. Ask us about this service for your equipment.

Recycling Arizona’s Electronics

Equipment processing is focused on the protection of the environment and the maximization of economic return within in accordance with our clients’ parameters. Asset tag removal is a high priority as we recognize the importance of our client’s brand protection.  We have assisted thousands of companies in safely and efficiently recycling their off lease and surplus equipment.

As an additional service, we can track and document the disposition of material received at our facility.

Our programs provide valuable service and environmental benefits. We serve the community and protect the environment through proper recycling of surplus equipment and material.