Westech Recyclers has been protecting the local Arizona environment by recycling electronic waste and keeping it out of our landfills for over 20 years. One thing that we can count on is that environmental and recycling issues will continue to change. We are always looking at how we can do better each year.

Recycling properly is a challenge due to changing regulations, availability of pathways and processors for final disposition, and declining markets for secondary commodities. The recycling business has never been so dynamic as it has been these past few years. It takes quite a diverse operation and a diversity in skills and knowledge to recycle properly and prosper.

At Westech Recyclers, we are up to this challenge with our diverse talented management team. But most of all, our management team is willing to take on the responsibility to do our part as stewards for the environment.

Tracey Haslam - CEO
Brian Dyer - General Manager
Gen Ng - VP of Customer Service
Shanon Allred -CFO
David Huff - Business Development Manager
Phil Ng - VP of Marketing
Celia Sias Warehouse Manager
Valerie Salgado-Sandoval - Sales Manager