With our history of protecting the local Arizona environment, Westech Recyclers is happy to offer our professional electronics recycling services to individual residents too. To top it off, our basic services are free too. Thus there is no reason to hold you back from safely recycling your computers, phones, tablets and electronics.

Our residential recycling basic services include:

  1. Free pickup when recycling 10 or more electronic items
  2. Free drop off at either of our two warehouse locations
  3. Free recycling of your electronics that are in our acceptable items list
  4. Free hard drive data wiping (data destruction).

Many people do not know that an electronics recycler must also be in expert in data destruction. Computer recycling and laptop recycling will include this service to ensure your data remains private and secure. We want residents to feel confident that their old electronics are being handled by a responsible and ethical electronics recycler.

You can also recycle at many local electronic recycling events which we partner with a local government, municipality, or business. Whether you recycle directly with us or at one of these events, your electronics will go through the same process as our  professional services.  Call us or drop off your electronics at one of our two warehouse locations.

Acceptable Recyclable Items

Residential electronics and computer recycling service

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