Are you stockpiling old computers because you aren’t sure how to securely dispose of the data they contain?

Do you need an expert to manage your aged electronic assets, so it frees your office up from non-legal related activities?

Eight (8) of the top 10 law firms in Phoenix trust Westech Recyclers to safely and securely recycle their electronics and computers.

Legal firms choose us because:

  • No advanced preparation is needed before disposing unused computers or electronics
  • We do all the work to protect and destroy the data for our clients
  • We liberate the downstream risk to our clients from disposed electronics including computers and hard drives.

Our legal-firm clients look to Westech for these specific services:

  •  Data destruction per NIST 800-88 guidelines – the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) issues federal guidelines on data destruction.  For more security, we offer:

o   Shredding your hard drives at your location if you prefer

o   Providing a video record of the hard drive destruction when desired

  • Certificate of Data Destruction – documentation for your audit trail, including:

o   Listing of your hard drive serial numbers in the Certificate of Destruction

  • Secure electronics recycling including free pickup with our dedicated truck fleet. 
  • Certificate of Recycling – we are your environmental insurance policy and will recycle your electronics to maximize the protection of our planet. 

Our goal is no cost to you for electronic recycling today including no future downstream risk from improper recycling.  

We service the downtown Phoenix area with our secure trucks every WednesdayContact us to schedule a pickup.

Westech is a full-service IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) provider.  We can tailor our complete breadth of services to fit your business needs.  Our complete service offering includes the following:

  • On-site electronic recycling collection bins
  • Reporting
  • Asset tracking
  • Logistics management for out-of-state electronics recyclable materials
  • Reusing or renewing for reusing your electronics
  • Periodic electronic recycling events
  • Business liquidation and asset disposal