Westech Recyclers is a reputable electronics recycler in Phoenix and we have been making a difference since 1999. Currently, we process over 5 million pounds of electronic waste (e-waste) annually. Of the total electronic waste that is created yearly, only 12% to 20% of it gets recycled. This means that approximately 85% is sent to the landfill and this problem grows larger each year with the growth of aged-out electronic products.

Breaking down e-waste like computers, phones, printers, radios, and electronic toys into their various components and then shipping them for others to harvest raw materials is the typical method used for recycling. But as the mounds of e-waste are disposed and the ability to export is closing off, we need a different solution. A different solution and one that is the best solution is to reuse or renew electronics before breaking them down.

Did you know the average laptop lifespan is only two years? It’s not obsolete; it’s just unwanted.
Reusing also help the environment from another angle and that is fewer new products are needed in replacement resulting in less new raw material and energy usage.

This change to reuse or renew also changes the skillset in the recycling industry. Recycling companies will need employees with math, science and engineering skills. Also, new technologies ranging from robotics and software apps to in-place raw material harvesting will be introduced and will also draw more STEM-skilled workers.

Westech Recyclers sees that we can continue to make a big difference to our environment by improving the way recycling is done. We see this change as a winning strategy for Arizona residents and our local environment.