Westech’s IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Service is a complete service solution for those customers looking to decommission and recycle IT assets. With this service solution. we can service those customers desiring to outsource the entire decommissioning process to a responsible electronics recycler.

Who is the typical customer?

The typical customer is looking for a vendor to own the decommissioning of large computer networks or data centers. Decommissioning is more than just removal of the hardware; it is the front-end work to prepare and the work at the end to get the most value from the IT assets.

An ITAD service provider differs from a “mom-and-pop” recycler in that the ITAD recycler has experience and can execute a full set of professional services.

Westech’s full range of services include:

Beyond our experience and service level, Westech Recyclers differs from other ITAD service providers in our ability to get the most value for remarketed assets. Unique to Westech is our local retail store, Resell Electronics, which is in addition to our online sales channels. We will deliver maximum value quickly.