World leaders are meeting at the Leaders Climate Summit on April 22 as part of global Earth Day activities. Everyone should join in as well since it will take all of us to make positive changes on the climate and the environment.

To make it easy, our Earth Day Kit contains everything to help you host an electronics recycling event. It won’t take much effort on your part.

Electronics recycling is a vital part of the circular economy and there is a direct impact on the environment.

Our electronic and computer recycling events are easy and safe because they are:

  • Low effort. We provide the resources to setup and haul away.
  • Contact free.
  • Events can be a multi-day, collection event for your office or can be a single day, drive-up collection event.

After the event is over, we will issue a Certificate of Recycling (COR), which is proof of your positive contribution to protect the environment and participation in Earth Day.

If you are ready to host an event, please select this link to submit an online event request.