What happens with your electronics when Westech recycles them?

“Reuse, recycle, reduce” are the three ways everyone can help the environment. Obviously, Westech supports all three directives and it begins with our service offerings.

Recycling at Westech Recyclers starts with the following three basic services for all our customers.

  • Free pickups for electronics when you have 10 or more items
  • Free data wiping of all hard drives
  • Free Certificate of Recycling (if desired)

These basic services make it easy to recycle with us since there is no effort on your part.  Also, with our free data wiping, we address one of everyone’s basic concerns about protecting their personal data.

Westech electronics and computer recycling process to support reuse, recycle and reduce


When we receive your electronic items, we do the following:

  • Sort and separate items, and isolate those items with data.
  • Destroy data in memory containing devices.
  • Send electronics suitable for reuse to our testing and refurbishing processes. Once complete, the electronics are ready for sale through one of our multiple sales channels.
  • Items not suitable for reuse are go through our dismantling process to separate into their core commodity categories. These are then sent to downstream processors to reenter into the supply chain as core raw materials.

When you purchase electronics for reuse and then with us recycling properly, we both indirectly help reduce mining for new raw materials. Now you can see that it takes a village to save our environment through reuse, recycle and reduce.

Acceptable Recyclable Items