This year, Earth day is pretty important. Leaders from all around the world will be meeting on Earth Day to talk about climate change. But you can’t participate in that, so what’s something easy you can do to help protect the planet? 

Firstly, you can always check the official Earth Day website and see what kind of programs you can donate or volunteer for. Secondly, you can do what so many people are doing during quarantine: clean and tidy up your house.

Yup, if you just clear your house of some of your old electronics and properly recycle them, you will have done so much for our planet. But, recycling electronics isn’t like recycling paper and glass. You shouldn’t just put these items in your recycling bin and leave it out on the curb. Many electronics contain precious elements like gold and copper which can be recycled and reused. More importantly, many electronics contain toxic materials like lead and mercury. These materials not only harm the environment but they are also dangerous to your health as well! 

So, here’s how Westech Recyclers can help you save the planet, prevent toxic materials hurting the environment, and stay safe during this pandemic:

We can come to your house to pick up your old electronics

Here’s what you do:

  1. Get a medium to large sized box. 
  2. Fill it with your old electronics. (Be sure to see what electronics we recycle)
  3. Call us and we will pick it up for free.
  4. Better yet, use our new scheduling app to schedule the pickup.
But what if you’re a business that wants to participate in Earth Day?

We can help you host your very own Earth Day Electronic Recycling Event.

Here’s what you do:
  1. Get our Earth Day Kit by clicking here
  2. Fill out our form to host an event by clicking here.

Thank you for doing your part to protect the planet, we can’t wait to work with you this Earth Day!