Do you accept cracked monitors?

Yes, we accept broken or non-functioning flat screen monitors. 

Do you accept a CRT monitor with a cracked screen or glass?

First, please protect yourself and wear a dust mask while handling it. CRTs can contain anywhere from four to eight pounds of lead. You don’t want to breathe this in or dispose of it in the trash.  
Second, please contain the dust as well as you can. If the crack can be taped, please do so. If possible, please also place it into a thick plastic bag.  
Lastly, we will accept the CRT monitor for recycling but there is a $50 fee. 

Do you accept  CRT monitors for recycling?

Yes, but there is a $50 fee due to the hazardous materials contained in these monitors. Also, Arizona residents have options to recycle these types of monitors, please check out the links or guidance below.

City of Phoenix
Maricopa County

Acceptable Items

  • LCD Monitor
  • LED Monitor

$50 fee

  • CRT Monitor